Are you supporting someone with a perinatal mood disorder? 
This page has resources to help. 


What to look for BEFORE it becomes a problem

The Postpartum Pact provides an excellent opportunity for the couple to sit down together and review their previous experience with postpartum depression and/or prepare for an upcoming postpartum period.

If you have experienced postpartum depression and are concerned about how you might feel after a subsequent pregnancy, or, if you have a history of depression at any time in your life and want to prepare emotionally for an upcoming birth, it will be helpful to go over this pact with your partner. From the PostPartum Stress Center. 


Supporting someone with a perinatal mood disorder

It's hard to know what to do when someone is experiencing a perinatal mood disorder. 

To learn the symptoms for mothers, click here. 

To learn the symptoms for fathers, click here. 

To learn how to help support someone, click here or here

To learn what to do to help, click on any resources below. 


Supporting someone in their grief 

If the unimaginable happens, it is important for support people to know the best thing to do to help. 

The resources below can help you make a plan of how best to support someone who is grieving. 

- How to help your daughter/sister/bff cope with pregnancy loss

- How to support a grieving friend (video)

- Return to Zero - website with tips and articles 

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