Do I have it?

1 in 10 men have symptoms of a perinatal mood disorder like anxiety or depression. 

Researchers have found that the predominant signs were restlessness, irritability, low tolerance for stress, and lack of self-control.

Free Screening Tools for Dads

These can start or existing symptoms can get worse anytime from your partner's pregnancy, birth and up to when your baby is 12 months old.  

If you think you might have symptoms, click on the picture to be directed to the screening tool.

(these are only screening tools - even if they screen negative, if you feel that there might be symptoms there, contact your doctor or a knowledgable mental health professional to talk about it)

Postpartum Depression 

Someone with PPD might experience feelings of anger, sadness, irritability, guilt, lack of interest in the baby, changes in eating and sleeping habits, trouble concentrating, thoughts of hopelessness and sometimes even thoughts of harming the baby or themselves.

Postpartum Anxiety

Someone with PPA may experience extreme worries and fears, often over the health and safety of the baby. Some people have panic attacks and might feel shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, a feeling of losing control, and numbness and tingling.

Postpartum OCD

Someone with PPOCD can have repetitive, upsetting and unwanted thoughts or mental images (obsessions), and sometimes they need to do certain things over and over (compulsions) to reduce the anxiety caused by those thoughts. These individuals find these thoughts very scary and unusual and are very unlikely to ever act on them.

Perinatal PTSD

PPTSD is often caused by a traumatic or frightening childbirth or past trauma, and symptoms may include flashbacks of the trauma with feelings of anxiety and the need to avoid things related to that event.

Resources for dads with Perinatal Mood Symptoms



There are a number of websites that have information, resources and offer support. 

PostPartum Men

How's Dad Going?

- Pacific PostPartum Society (great videos)

- Fatherly

- PostPartum Progress

- Dad's Get it Too 

- Fathers Reaching Out


Social Media 

You're not alone. Stories and support from other dads are out there. 

- Life of Dad -  Post on Postpartum dads and supportive comments. 

- Real Life Dad - An instagram dad who refuses to sugar coat how brutal parenting can be 


If you are in crisis or need help right away (in Edmonton and areas) call:
Access 24/7 


Expert Chat

Post Partum Support International has a whole section for support for dads, including a weekly chat just for dads.  

Other resources

Call your Primary Care Network 

Call the mental health resource line in your area (if there is one) - Alberta is 211 

Resources for Dads supporting a partner with a perinatal mood disorder


Postpartum Husband

This hands-on guide includes straightforward, supportive information and specific recommendations to help partners deal with the impact of depression after the birth of a baby.
Learn more...


Seleni Library 

The virtual library of the Seleni Center has a number of articles about supporting mothers with perinatal mood disorders. Learn more...


Online Support Groups

There are many Facebook groups for people who are supporting mothers with perinatal mood disorders. Learn more...

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