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Do I have it?

1 in 10 men have symptoms of a perinatal mood disorder like anxiety or depression. 

Researchers have found that the predominant signs were restlessness, irritability, low tolerance for stress, and lack of self-control.

Resources for dads with Perinatal Mood Symptoms



There are a number of websites that have information, resources and offer support. 

PostPartum Men

How's Dad Going?

- Pacific PostPartum Society (great videos)

- Fatherly

- PostPartum Progress

- Dad's Get it Too 

- Fathers Reaching Out


Social Media 

You're not alone. Stories and support from other dads are out there. 

- Life of Dad -  Post on Postpartum dads and supportive comments. 

- Real Life Dad - An instagram dad who refuses to sugar coat how brutal parenting can be 


Expert Chat

Post Partum Support International has a whole section for support for dads, including a weekly chat just for dads.  

Resources for Dads supporting a partner with a perinatal mood disorder


Postpartum Husband

This hands-on guide includes straightforward, supportive information and specific recommendations to help partners deal with the impact of depression after the birth of a baby.
Learn more...


Seleni Library 

The virtual library of the Seleni Center has a number of articles about supporting mothers with perinatal mood disorders. Learn more...


Online Support Groups

There are many Facebook groups for people who are supporting mothers with perinatal mood disorders. Learn more...

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